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The Society's Australian Branch

Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia) was incorporated in 1995 as a non-profit Australian company to act as the Society's agent in Australia. The Australian Branch receives donations, legacies and membership subscriptions on behalf of the Society; manages promotion of the Society within Australia; maintains an Australian distribution centre for sale of the Society's English and Non-English Bibles and other publications; and operates initiatives for distribution of the Word of God within the region.

Australian Bible Sales

Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia) maintains the Australian distribution centre for the Society's Bibles and other publications. This facility is located in Grafton, NSW, and provides a local source of the Society's publications for bookshops, Churches and individuals.

Orders may be placed directly with the Australian office by post, telephone, or facsimile. While it is also possible to order via email, we discourage customers from supplying credit card details in email in the interest of their own security. Customers may place orders online via the Society's International Online Store.

Distribution of the Word of God

Donations, subscriptions and proceeds of Bible sales enable the Society to fund free and subsidized distribution of the Holy Scriptures. In addition to satisfying ad-hoc requests for grants of Bibles, the Society employs schemes for active distribution of the Word of God. The Australian Branch operates the following schemes for free distribution.

Australian School Children

Religious Education in schools is, for many children, their only exposure to the Word of God. Many of us take for granted the privilege of being able to take up our Bibles and read. It is not uncommon to find that children attending Religious Education classes have no access to a Bible at all. The Australian Branch was approached by a Scripture Teacher with a request for Bibles for her class. The Branch acceded to this request and decided to make known to the Society's supporters its desire to distribute more Bibles to children in this way. The Australian School Children's Free Distribution Fund was set up so that friends could be made aware of the need and specify donations for this purpose.

Theological Students

Consistent with the Trinitarian Bible Society's principles, the Australian Branch is concerned that most Theological Students nowadays are being presented with no alternative to the modern Critical Texts for their study of Greek. Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia) is therefore seeking opportunity to confront Theological Students with the arguments concerning God's providential preservation of His Word, to explain the importance of the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek Received Texts, and to emphasize the importance of literal translations. Where opportunity is given to present the Society's position, a copy of the Society's Hebrew/Greek Bible is presented to each of the students.

Sabbath School Children

As a result of a legacy some years ago, the Society has established the Sabbath School Scripture Learning Prize Fund. The scheme provides incentive for children to learn verses and passages of Scripture. The child is given a booklet containing the verses and passages to be memorized. The shorter passages at the beginning of the book are to be learned by children under the age of 10 years; and the longer passages following are to be learned by children between the ages of 10 and 15 years. Upon completing memorization of the relevant section, the child becomes eligible for the award of a special presentation copy of the Holy Bible.

The Australian Office has copies of the "Remember - Words of Truth" booklets available for use in Sabbath Schools. Special presentation copies of the Holy Bible will be made available upon application once children have completed the appropriate memorization work.

Australian Deputation

The Australian Branch values opportunities to address gatherings concerning the Trinitarian Bible Society and its work abroad and in Australia. From time to time the Australian Branch has a Deputation Speaker available to conduct public meetings, to speak at Church meetings, or to lecture at seminars or colleges. Deputation is not restricted to capital cities: meetings are also held in various regional centres and towns. Please contact the Australian Office to inquire about Deputation in your area.

Bible Translation Projects

The Society's primary objective is to distribute faithful translations of the Word of God among all nations. Some languages have no reliable translation available. Some languages have no translation at all. From time to time the Lord is pleased to raise up suitably qualified people, and the means to support them, so that revision and translation work can proceed in some of these needy languages.

Australian Office

It is always helpful to be able to put faces to names! Please feel free to come and visit the office if you are in the Grafton area: we have a wide selection of our Bibles and other publications on display. Grafton is situated in the North-East of New South Wales on the Clarence River, about one hour's drive North of Coffs Harbour along the Pacific Highway.

Postal Address: Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia)
PO Box 1381
Office Location: 90 Victoria Street
Telephone: 02 6642 8880
Facsimile: 02 6642 8881

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 13:00 (NSW Time)

Legal Details


Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia) is an Australian non-profit company limited by guarantee. The company was incorporated in NSW in 1995.

Australian Company Name: Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia)
Australian Company Number: 070 928 004
Australian Business Number: 48 070 928 004
Not a Charity
An organization must be registered as a Charity with the State Government in order for it to engage in fund-raising activity within that State. The Society does not engage in fund-raising activity and has not registered as a Charity in any Australian State. Donations to charities are not tax deductible unless the charity is also registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient.
Not a Deductible Gift Recipient
Distribution of the Word of God does not qualify an organization to register with the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient. The Society has therefore not pursued registration as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations to the work of the Society are not tax deductible.

Board of Directors

Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia) is managed by a Board of Directors representative of the Society's Australian membership and of the Society's General Committee.

Mr. A. Brown WA Secretary
Rev. E.T. Kirkland UK  
Mr. D. Larlham UK Chairman
Mr. D.P. Rowland UK  
Rev. D. Silversides UK  
Mr. R. van Dorp NSW  


Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia) is committed to the privacy of members of the Trinitarian Bible Society, its customers, supporters and friends. A detailed explanation of privacy principles is set out in Trinitarian Bible Society (Australia)'s Privacy Statement.

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